Amelia David: A Review: Film “Things to Come”
Amy LeBlanc: 2 Poems
Angela Braru: Scarlet And Silver, The Forbidden Games
Anushka Bidani: sorrow finds reasons to slip into my bed tonight, love letter to “kabhi khushi kabhie gham”, The McLennon Effect: A Conversation with Chloe & Daisy from All About The Girl Podcast


Beth Winegarner: The Better to Heal You With


Danielle Straus: Queering the Binaries: Belonging and Becoming in Dee Rees’ 2011 “Pariah”, Explosive Un-Settlement and Unbridled Wildness: Traversing the Landscape of Deconstruction in Harjo’s Ecopoetics with the Help of Derrida’s Différance, Women and Flower Power: Uncovering the Inter-‘Tangled’ Structures of Gender and Sexuality in “The Lais of Marie de France” and in “Tangled”
Dhwanee Goyal: like the cycle of the year
Drew Van Dyke: Billy’s Blue, Blue Sky, Batman: Ornamental


Elle Danbury: 12 Photographs
Emily Taylor: I’m Not The Type To Tell An Urban Fairytale
Eunice Kim: Pipedreams


Gabrielle Roessler: Let Other Pens Dwell on Before


Juliette Sebock: Suddenly You’re Afraid; or, The Mean Reds, Caring Hands, Sweet Child


Kimberly Eve: A Birthday Between Friends: Ellen Nussey and Charlotte Brontë


Lauren T. Davila: Gin and Juvenilia
Lee Waddington: Morrissey Eats Meat
Lisa Mandal: Skies /A conversation with बाबा/


Meg (ilfirinxemrys): Letters To Merlin: Love, Guinevere
Michael Moore: The Alchemist Epilogue
Michele: Merthur Tropes
Monique Quintana: 2 goblin
Morgan Dante: Blue Fire


Neha Kapoor: Chemical X— The Strongest Chemical Known To Us
Nicola Friar: Before Jane, Heathcliff, and Agnes: An Introduction to the Brontës’ Worlds of Glass Town, Angria, and Gondal
Nisarga Sinha: The Letter I Never Sent, Take Me Home


Paridhi Puri: Today, I’m Orpheus.
Prithiva Sharma: we read love as mortal


Rebecca Batley: 2 Poems & 1 Photograph
Russell Nichols: 2 Poems


Saeesha Pandita: A Cry for Help
Sarah Marquez: Chicken Little
Shontay Luna: 3 Poems
Simran Arora: 2 Art Pieces, 2 Art Pieces, 3 Art Pieces


Tom Gumbert: Dear Mr Grisham
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