When Harry Styles gorgeously crooned on Fine Line “you’ve got my devotion / but man, I can hate you sometimes”; I felt that. One Direction has had my devotion since my YouTube first recommended Little Things to me in 2013, & them going on a Hiatus in 2016 predictably broke my heart. However, since then, they have gone on to release some brilliant singles & heartbreakingly honest albums; & in H’s case, even a fantastic film. Consequently, this space is called a.m. — because it sings on the tightrope between the band’s & their solo creations. It is definitely an act of self-indulgence on my part; but, beyond that, it is also a way to articulate why exactly they have my (& million other humans’) devotion.

II. Zayn Made 2020 Much #Better

I. “Fine Line”: Summer Skies & Empty Hands