Issue I: Coffee Shop AU

Submissions are now CLOSED.

Submission decisions will be sent out by 15 December 2021.

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We accept submissions around the year.

Readers are welcome to submit: fanfiction, fanart, fanvideos, book/movie/etc. reviews, & social commentaries on comics & books & films & etc. If you’re unsure whether your work fits in any of these categories or not: it’s okay! E-mail us your submissions at in the form of an attachment, & we’ll get back to you. Also, kindly send along a short, third person bio of yourself; & a cover letter (not more than 100 words) mentioning which piece of pop-culture/fandom your work is inspired by. We accept work in English & Hindi.

We do not accept work that includes ableism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, racism, &/or sexism. We sometimes accept Real Person Fiction (email us!). We do accept NSFW submissions. However, we ask you to mention the explicit nature of your work in the e-mail body itself.

We do not accept previously published work, unless previous publisher went dark. Pieces posted on Tumblr, Archive of Our Own,, Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, Wattpad, other social media platforms or personal blogs are accepted.

If you feel more comfortable having your work published anonymously or under a pseudonym, let us know in your e-mail. However, you will still be required to send in a short bio, for us to get a little idea about who you are, but we won’t be making that information public.

Plagiarised work will not be accepted; & if the work is found to be plagiarised, we will remove your submission, blacklist you, & disclose your name on our social media handles.


  • Make sure the textual submissions are in .docx format.
  • Send different mediums in different documents. For e.g.: 3 poems in first document, 1 letter in second document, & so on.
  • If you’re submitting visual pieces, send us screenshots along with your documents.


  • Make sure the pictures are in high-resolution (300 ppi.) They should be in either .jpeg or .pdf format.
  • Avoid using low lighting &/or unclear audio material in the videos.

If you haven’t heard from us even after 2 months, don’t hesitate to drop in a mail!

dear Scheherazade

dear Scheherazade is not open for submissions.