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I will start this by apologising in advance if I don’t talk about your favourite artist(s) and/or if we don’t share the same views regarding said artist(s). I will follow this up by thanking you for reading. Music is one of the most divisive topics of discussion and my column will be all about it. The cultural impact that even a single track can have is enormous; a personal impact, even more so. I’ll try my best to document the journey that our omnipresent companion has taken since the start of the ’60s till now. We’ll get into the Billboard top 100s and the underground scene alike, maybe even take a trip back home now and then if we’re feeling like Phil Spector while he was mixing Let It Be (adventurous, extremely adventurous). Having said that, I hope you have fun reading this and I hope this gives you some new songs for your playlist.

III. Catharsis by Proxy – Tyler, The Creator’s IGOR

II. The King of a Continent: Microwaving Bread and Layering Vocals

I. Meddle: The Album That Should Have Been the Dark Side of the Moon