Batman: Ornamental by Drew Van Dyke

The “Ornamentals” case haunts the GCPD: Women and children are vanishing, leaving behind no clues or signs of struggle. Even Batman and his fresh-faced new Robin, Jason Todd, find themselves stumped by these seemingly random disappearances…that is, until an investigation into the odd death of one of their rogues reveals a secret, imbedded deeply within the very bedrock of Gotham’s criminal underworld — one that a fractured Bat Family cannot seem to catch up to; one that even terrifies some of Batman’s most nefarious of foes… 

I. Issue 1 – The Sum of All Fears

II. Issue 2 – Catlike Reflects

III. Issue 3 – Understudy, Part 1

IV. Issue 4 – Understudy, Part 2

V. Issue 5 – Understudy, Part 3

VI. Issue 6 – Three of a Kind

VII. Issue 7 – The Rabbit Hole

VIII. Issue 8 – Echoes

IX. Issue 9 – Catwoman and Robin

X. Issue 10 – Finality, Pt. 1

XI. Issue 11 – Finality, Pt. 2

XII. Issue 12 – The Tie That Binds

C.D. DyVanc currently lives in the Midwestern United States. He is an award-winning journalist, and, in his free time, enjoys jumping out of airplanes, reading comic books, and being the epitome of the living dad joke with his wife and stepson. His works have appeared or are upcoming in Drunk Monkeys, Rue Scribe, Dream Pop Press, and Five:2:One’s #thesideshow. His chapbook, rhi(n.)oceros, won the 2017 Midwest Chapbook Contest, and is currently available through Greentower Press. You can find his horrible use of GIFs on Twitter (@CDDyVanc), if you’d like.