[ISSUE I] Machiatto & Affogato by Lilacmel (Melinda)


A Machiatto is an espresso shot with an upper layer of milk foam. In this piece, I wanted to go for the complete opposite feel of the Affogato piece. A macabre and horror one; one of my favorites to draw (plus B&W works). In this, I tried to represent Will Graham’s slow ‘descent into his own darkness’, shown by his frequent delusions of the Wendigo. Most markedly, this is shown by Will’s intense stare and the ‘foam-like’ Wendigo reaching into his “mind.”


For those unaware, ‘affogato’ is an espresso poured over a vanilla ice cream, and this describes perfectly what I wanted for this artwork. This is a fluffy coffee AU in which Barista!Hannibal falls in love with Will Graham, his grumpy and ragged customer, much to his friend Bedelia’s disappointment. You see, the twist is, Hannibal is actually a demon. His human dalliance and sudden obsession with coffee is most unbecoming. Yet, he can’t resist ‘pouring his darkness’ over this ‘vanilla twitching empath’, as Bedelia says.

Lilacmel (Melinda/Mel) is an amateur artist from Brazil. Their pronouns are she/they. Sometimes, she writes too; but most of her works are digital art, with a few traditional pieces thrown in. They started drawing at a very early age, but only recently they have been strongly concentrating on learning and improving. They draw all across fandoms, but have a special spot for a few. Her dream is to draw whole scenarios and stories from their head, as realistic as possible, and for others to glimpse it.

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