A Cry for Help by Saeesha Pandita

A Kashmiri’s insight on the ongoing violence.

Let me recite to you, a tale
Of a land- my home.
My memories are still fragrant with the lingering scent of Saffron
Which reminds me of the good times before.
I still cherish the days,
When I used to sit under the comforting shade of the Chinar tree
Around my neighbourhood,
All alone while watching the leaves dance to
The sweet Rubaab melody.
I still remember how my mother
Gave the kangris to me and my brother, filled with hot embers
Felicitating us with the long awaited solace
From the chilling snow outside.
But now,
My land stands in a dilapidated condition,
Crying for help.
The aroma in the air has now been replaced by the acrid smell of gunpowder,
All the joyous ballads have turned themselves to helpless screams;
The sparkling lakes that were once clear are now smeared with gore of the brave;
The people of my land are being tortured by the sadist hands of war…
They say that ‘A good neighbor is a priceless treasure’,
Which often leaves me perplexed and full of doubt
Wondering about the foul fate of ours,
That the one closest to us, did not fail to betray us.
The people of my land are left fatigued,
In the bickering between the two nations;
The woodsy smell of the Deodar
Has been ousted by the melancholic tears
Of the people.

My home lies on its death bed,
Lamenting for peace…
I feel extremely afraid
For I don’t want my land to turn
To the land of the deceased.

Saeesha is a 16 year old who is fond of binge watching the same (handful of) comedy shows again and again. As much as she hates the monotony of life, she might be the one most conforming to it; a master procrastinator who suffers from the writers’ block most of the days, she sure is full to the brim with different ideas she constantly find ways to implement. The quotation, “jack of all, master of some,” best sums up most of what anyone needs to know about her.  As a psychology student, she constantly observes people around herself and tries to apply whatever she has learned into analyzing her own and others’ behaviour. And yeah, like a majority of teenagers, she struggles, well, she works to find her true worth and her identity in this Pacific Ocean of a world. Currently, she’s also working on a website of her own: www.whereartthou.wixsite.com/mysite

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