[ISSUE I] A Brewed Backdoor by Siddhi Joshi

i bask in the emptiness of uncertainties,
and the pauses between laughters.
the city has swallowed my moon,
under the regime of oscillating gunpowder.

the day you forgot your wallet in a foreign land,
my roots bloomed a sudden partiality for awkward conversations –
over lattes with foamy foam, and a delicious sprinkle of chocolate.

under the spells of a runaway september,
your khadi skirts, plain white shirt,
and the most peculiar backpack,
became my favorite routine,
the windows next to us,
curled into sacred honeysuckle patches.
the quintessential monotony of mundane
driving into an escape of a soft brown cavern.

in between slow sips of our coffee,
our cheeks were cherry rose with
pallets of laughter,
empty spaces between us colonised,
by a kneeling dagger of shadows.
this space, our space.
an exile of casual magic,
sheltering waves and cramps heavier than us.

the sound of harrowing disdain birthing from
our brief break to carry the world single handedly,
until the destiny of freshly whisked coffee,
fills our senses under the same air,
and my breath warmed by
camouflaged soothe of you.

if your sojourn to my burning city ends –
take me with you to your home,
your permanent absence will be
intolerable and loathsome to the realm of me,
and i am learning to make
lattes with foamy foam and a delicious sprinkle of chocolate.

Siddhi Joshi is a poet and artist based in Uttrakhand, India. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Sociology from Miranda House, Delhi University. Warm like the colour yellow, in her company you will find yourself amid warm laughter and witty remarks. To her, mysterious old libraries and hastily scribbled poetry in a coffee-stained journal is the only utopia worth seeking. Siddhi is a blend of strong opinions and lyrical thoughts – a dichromatic soul that searches for answers in the prevailing paradigm and finds meaning in the minuscule.

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