Let Other Pens Dwell on Before by Gabrielle Roessler

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I dreamed of Darcy
but fell for
that looked my way.

But the story we write
scrambles along
the scaffolding of Austen,
takes the thing
with feathers
and carries Love
beyond where
our paper imagination
can reach.

Gabrielle is a creative sprinter – she writes poems, short stories, and essays that prove she made great returns on her therapy investments. Her piece “Rx for a Dream” won Storyteller’s 2021 Poetry Contest and appears in their summer issue. She has additional work appearing in Orange Blush Zine, Warning Lines, Hyacinthus Magazine, and Sledgehammer Lit. She is inspired by myth, magical girls, a healthy fear of space, and overheard conversations that never happened. She can be found on Twitter @gabbyiswriting.

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