[ISSUE I] notes of chocolate and spice | A Playlist by Tiana Gaudioso

“Coffee Shop Soundtrack,” All Time Low / “Chai Tea,” audrey / “Cinnamon,” Hayley Williams / “Foam,” Miramare, Clément Matrat / “matcha latté,” Amelia Rae / “Vanilla,” Eaglin / “Citrus,” kust / “Burnt Espresso,” Sidney Amos, Barnes Blvd. / “Sugar,” Fickle Friends / “Warm Honey,” WILLOW / “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop,” Landon Pigg

Tiana Gaudioso is a poet and writer, actress, and sketch troupe comedian based in Phoenix, AZ. She is currently attending Arizona State University for none of these hobbies. You can find more of her works in Polemical Zine, Pinstriped Zine, Girls Our Age, and Suburban Rose Magazine.

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