Letter to the Readers by Keana Águila Labra

Like all things, let’s start with an introduction, and in this case, a disclaimer. Unfortunately, the anime and manga community is notorious for gatekeeping and toxic behavior, so I wanted to make a statement to coincide with the release of my column.

I am by no means an expert on anime or manga. I’ve watched a fair amount of classic, newer, and currently ongoing series. I am an average fan obsessing over series beloved to me, and I claim no authority over these mediums. These reviews, critiques, and opinions (being the key word) will be written through the lens of a reviewer first and viewer second. I strive to write about what I love, which is why I sought this position with Headcanon, and I happen to love anime and manga.

These stories should be available to all to consume and speculate upon. Everyone is entitled to a differing opinion and civil discussion is always welcome. I thank you for respecting mine and allowing a safe space for us to engage in these conversations. So, please be kind and courteous, and I hope you check out the first article of ‘Closed Captioning’ on July 8!

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