Little, Little, Little Things by Rachel Tanner

This is me swallowing my pride
standing in front of you
saying I’m sorry for that night”

Taylor Swift, “Back to December”

I think of you gently sometimes the sky
is big enough to hold us both I’m so 
glad that it does bringing my hands
upwards to catch this night between
my fingers I remember how you loved
her with a fierceness I don’t think
I’ll ever encounter again I’m sorry I said
what I said to you I’m sorry I live in the
past sometimes I look at the stars
and see your heart reflected
back there are things we’ll never know
there are things I wish I knew life
is not the same without your grace
life is still pulling you away I am 
summoning the moon to show you
who and why and how I am gliding
across the darkness to find

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