Star Trek News Roundup #5 by Justin(e) Norton-Kertson

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You got here just in time for the next installment of Unimatrix Zero’s Star Trek News Roundup here in Ten Forward. Every now and then we do our best to put together what we think are the highlights of the latest news in the Star Trek universe and fandom. Here’s what we found particularly interesting over the past couple of weeks.

William Shatner recently spoke with PA news agency about his latest movie, Senior Moment. He also talked more generally about creativity and old age, his latest album, and he whined about how he wished someone would have told him when he was younger that fame wouldn’t prevent loneliness. Personally, I think someone should clue him into the likelihood that his loneliness stemmed from the fact that he’s an asshole. A perfect example is in his recent interview with where he blasts the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies for having Leonard Nemoy in them. Shatner calls it “gratuitous” and essentially accuses the producers of just trying to bank off Nemoy and the Spock character. If you ask me, it sounds like Shatner is just jealous that they didn’t ask him to be in the new movies. But the rest of us are relieved.

In more interesting news, it seems that Star Trek may be joining in on the musical episode craze a decade too late. Alex Kurtzman seems to think the series is due for its own foray into the musical theater genre, and that Short Treks would be a good venue for such an episode. So don’t be surprised if you see it happen sooner or later. I know I’m hoping it happens, but has published a piece on the reasons why the franchise should turn around and run as far away from the musical idea as possible. Whether or not a musical episode is ever produced, I’m still at least excited about the possibility of the return of Short Treks.

We’ve learned more about the story arc that we’ll be treated to in season two of Star Trek: Picard. In the second season, Q shows up and instigates a time travel adventure that will force Picard and his new crew to face each of their biggest regrets. Screenrant predicts that the time travel theme will also be used to fix some of the season one mistakes and their own regrets that have been pointed out by producers and show runners in interviews about the show. But we’ll have to wait until 2022 to find out whether or not that prediction is accurate.

Finally, Ethan Philips recently joined Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill on their Voyager podcast The Delta Flyers to talk about the break up scene between Neelix and Kes that never aired, as well as Voyager’s episodic nature and general lack of long term relationships and story arcs. has a nice write-up and synopsis about the conversation.

Thanks for joining us for another edition of our Star Trek News Roundup. Feel free to browse the rest of the Unimatrix Zero column and see what we have to offer. And check back in a week or two for our next news roundup. Live long and prosper.

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