Unimatrix Zero: A New Column on the Star Trek Universe and Fandom by Justin(e) Norton-Kertson

Trekkies, SciFi lovers, stargazers and dreamers: 
Welcome to Headcanon Magazine’s new column, 
Unimatrix Zero!

In the Star Trek universe, Unimatrix Zero is a virtual world created by borg drones who have a particular recessive gene. It’s like a dreamland they can go to while regenerating. It allows them to be free, to be themselves. Of course, it’s also a place where they can and do plan and foment resistance against the nefarious and authoritarian Borg Queen. 

Similarly, Headcanon’s new Unimatrix Zero column is a virtual world of its own where we can be free to explore the amazing, robust, and diverse Star Trek universe and fandom together. There are no current plans to use this space to organize rebellion against an interstellar authoritarian cybernetic nightmare. Rest assured though, if and when that changes you’ll be the first to be informed.

Three major tertiary adjuncts make up our Unimatrix Zero: 
The Holosuite, Ten Forward, and Quark’s Bar. 

If you love fan fiction and fan art, then The Holosuite is open 26 hours per day and is waiting for you to dive into what makes the Trek universe so compelling in the first place, amazing storytelling. 

Ten Forward, a staple of all Federation Galaxy Class starships, is where you want to head to for weekly universe and fandom news roundups, interviews, and reviews of ST episodes, movies, books, comics, and video games. 

Last but certainly not least, we have Quark’s Bar. Star Trek has always challenged norms and pushed the boundaries of social convention. It’s one of the things that so many of us love most about the universe and its stories. If you agree, then Quark’s Bar is the place to be! Stop by for an Andorian Ale, some Bajoran hasperat, and riveting discussions about the philosophy and politics of Star Trek.

I’m excited to launch this column. I hope you’re equally excited to read the column and help it grow into something amazing. As the creator, editor, and author of Unimatrix Zero, it’s my sincerest hope this will be a space where the fandom can gather together for a unique and revolutionary experience that brings the Star Trek universe to life.  

Boldly go,

Justin(e) Norton-Kertson
creator, editor, & author of 
Unimatrix Zero

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