Star Trek News Round Up #1 by Justin(e) Norton-Kertson

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Welcome to Unimatrix Zero’s first monthly Star Trek News Roundup here in Ten Forward. In addition to gossip, rumors, and breaking news as it happens (i.e. as soon as I get to it) we’ll put together these news roundups at least once per month to consolidate Trek universe and fandom news into one place. These roundups won’t necessarily be exhaustive. At the very least they will be filled with recent news that we find interesting and worth sharing. 

With that said, there are five recent pieces of news that we have to share with you. This inaugural round up includes some really exciting revelations about upcoming seasons of Trek shows. So let’s dive right into our very first Star Trek News Roundup.

In what is perhaps the most exciting recent Star Trek news, The return of Q! That’s right, in a cameo video John Delancie casually mentioned that he and the crew of Star Trek: Picard are in the middle of filming both season two and three of the show at the same time. The slip indicates that the omnipotent character Q will play a big role in the next couple seasons of the series, hopefully with a major story arc of his own. 

In other exciting show news, teaser trailers for both season four of Discovery and season two of Lower Decks recently dropped. If you haven’t seen them yet, has published an in depth analysis of the teasers along with embeds of the videos themselves. Season 2 of Lower Decks premiers on August 12, and season 4 of Discovery is expected to begin airing sometime this coming fall. Both air on Paramount+.

(The above image is from the Season 2 Lower Decks teaser trailer. Image Credit: Paramount+)

Just a few days ago, announced that The Next Generation crew has joined Star Trek Fleet Command, the popular mobile mmorpg game. Players can now unlock Next Generation officers, make them part of their fleet, and use them to tackle daring missions to save the universe from intergalactic threats. published an audio interview on Friday with Lower Decks creator and showrunner, Mike McMahan. In the interview they talked about a variety of topics including easter eggs, Riker’s cartoon character, and how all the various showrunners work together to maintain cohesion in the Star Trek universe. 

And finally, in honor of the late Gene Roddenberry’s upcoming 100th birthday, some sixty actors, scientists and others are coming together to share 100 quotes from the science fiction giant.

Thanks for joining us for our first news round up. We hope Unimatrix Zero’s centralization of Star Trek news in this format is useful for you. We’ll see you at the next update.

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