Letter to Closed Captioning Readers by Keana Águila Labra


I hope this meets you safe and healthy. 

To say the least, this pandemic has taken a great amount from all of us. From our sense of normalcy to the literal lives of our friends and family, there is no shortage of loss felt from early 2020 to now. Keeping this in mind (and acknowledging that the pandemic is very much ongoing in a number of places), I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with this column.

A., the founder of Headcanon Magazine, reached out reassuring Closed Captioning’s place with Headcanon, for which I’m deeply grateful.

This letter is to let everyone know that I intend to revitalize this space. 

As previously stated in my first letter predating the release of this column, I am an average fan obsessing over series beloved to me, and I claim no authority over these mediums. These reviews, critiques, and opinions (being the key word) will be written through the lens of a reviewer first and viewer second. I strive to write about what I love, which is why I sought this position with Headcanon, and I happen to love anime and manga.” So, please be kind and courteous to others. We all have differing opinions, which should be a point of celebration and respectful debate, not contention. 

Now that I’m returning to Closed Captioning, I want to be more lax in the way we analyze manga and anime. For the longest time, I felt I needed to keep an “academic” voice and “check off these questions” in order to write a “good” review. 

But, I was ultimately missing the point: this is a space to have fun.

And, I aim on doing just that.

Talk soon,

Keana Aguila Labra

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