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Damon Salvatore / Elena Gilbert

The Story of Us by Beautiful1Disaster [367k+, complete]
Summary: The past four years have built up to the moment that will define everything for Damon and Elena. When reality comes crashing down around them, they find themselves looking back on the past and trying to decide where to go from here. AU. AH.

Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction by Babi [135k+, complete]
Summary: It all started with a night of hot sex. Where things could go from there to Elena and Damon? Could they fall for each other although they don’t believe in love anymore? AU/AH

Don’t give up on my son, a dying man’s wish by Heidi Mae [150k+, complete]
Summary: AU AH Elena takes a job caring for her friend Stefan’s father. When Elena discovers his dying wish is to reconcile with his older son Damon she decides to make it happen. But Damon doesn’t exactly make it easy on her.

Beautiful Stranger by Rosesareforever [75k, complete]
Summary: On her eighteenth birthday, Elena decided to throw a huge party at the Grill. Totally drunk, she slept with a blue eyed stranger. What will happen when four years later, he’d turn out to be her new boss?

Kiss Me, Break My Heart by LoveEpicLove [68k, complete]
Summary: Elena Gilbert has been in love with her best friend Damon Salvatore for years, but when he asks her to help him win back the woman of his dreams, Elena decides she’s had enough. Now Elena wants to move on, but Damon’s not making it easy on her. AU/AH

Locked In A Loveless Marriage by LoveEpicLove [49k, complete]
Summary: When Elena asks Damon Salvatore for a loan, he agrees on the condition that she marries him. What happens when she finds herself falling in love with a man who has told her he will never love her? AU. All human.

Somebody I Used to Know by newsgirl83 [221k+, complete]
Summary: Grieving the sudden death of their parents, Damon and Elena are forced to face their past choices and mistakes. Take a wild a journey through 20 years of their lives…together, apart and everything in between.

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Damon Salvatore / Elena Gilbert