The Beatles masterlist

Series “Understanding Lennon/McCartney” by breathless345



John Lennon / Paul McCartney

Stand by Me by Penny Lane and Jenny Wren [complete]
Summary: John survives.

Widow by abromeds [26k+, complete, major character death]
Summary: If Paul had died in 1980 instead of John; and how John deals with that.

Summer Rose by chanderson [25k+, incomplete]
Summary: John and Paul rekindle their relationship late summer 1980. John’s feeling lost, and Paul’s missing him in more ways than one.

i said something wrong by frogchorus [2k+, wip]
Summary: In 1965, The Beatles performed on the ‘Blackpool Night Out’. It’s fairly well recorded that John and Paul had an argument pre-show, and this fic explores that.

new york woman by peculiar_mademoiselle [series, 5k+, wip]
Summary: A series of loosely related one shots about Yoko Ono.

Having Coffee by dornfelder [16k+, complete]
Summary: In a world where Mark Chapman doesn’t shoot John Lennon, the Beatles reunite in 1982. In 1983, John and Paul are outed by the tabloid press. / It’s 2020, and two journalists are on their way to meet them in their home in Central London.

six hours in august by stonedlennon [15k+, complete]
Summary: John bumps into Paul at a gay bar in New York. They try to forget each other. August, 1979.

Tessellate by cloudy_blue [5k+, complete]
Summary: 1962; 1964; 1968. Cynthia reflects on her husband’s relationship with Paul.

I Still Miss Someone / I Know That I Miss You but I Don’t Know Where I Stand by RosalindBeatrice [series, 64k+, wip]
Summary: It’s 1976 and Paul keeps showing up on John’s doorstep with a guitar. Eventually John turns him away and Paul goes off to sulk in his hotel room the night before his flight from New York. Based on real events.

Throw the Wine by Savageandwise [51k+, wip]
Summary: “But you realise that you’re in real life, and you don’t split up a beautiful thing with a beautiful thing.” -Paul McCartney / Or do you?

Cutting Water with a Knife by Savageandwise [5k+, complete]
Summary: John and Paul’s relationship through May’s eyes.

Opposites by Selena [4k+, complete]
Summary: On bargaining with your husband’s former partner, losing and gaining, war and peace, and the difference between art and a child. Eleven glimpses at and by Yoko Ono.

Love there that’s sleeping by Selena [4k+, complete]
Summary: George and Paul through the years.

Sean Lennon / James McCartney

The Song Stuck in my Head by Savageandwise [14k+, wip]
Summary: Sean and James examine their fathers’ relationship and their own.