Issue I: Coffee Shop AU

Submissions are now CLOSED

every fandom needs a coffee shop au

Coffee shop AU is an extremely popular trope in fandoms. It commonly signifies warmth, comfort and the certainty of a happy ending. In this issue, I hope to explore with you the reasons behind its popularity; & create an issue brimming with creativity & excellence which we can all come back to. I have a lot of questions (Why does it signify warmth? How does it challenge the public & private binary? Which colours are most commonly used in these AUs? How does this trope play out in films?), but I’m not very interested in definite answers. I’m here for the ride, & I’m looking forward to what we end up creating together just as much as you.

If you are interested in being a part of this issue, you can e-mail me @ headcanonmagazine @ gmail dot com. Readers are welcome to submit: fanfiction, fanart, letters, poems & critical essays. If you’re unsure whether your work fits in any of these categories or not: it’s okay! E-mail me your submissions at in the form of an attachment, & I’ll get back to you. You can read the complete submission guidelines right here. This issue is a non-commercial venture, & will be available on this website for free. Consequently, submissions are completely voluntary.

I look forward to hearing from you. Have a grand-day!

ANUSHKA BIDANI, Editor-in-Chief, Headcanon Magazine