Iliad (Homer) + The Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller) masterlist

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Achilles / Patroclus

like a bird scared at an empty bush, trembling for nothing by onibi [2k, complete]
Summary: various characters from the iliad/greek myth playing “never have i ever”

at least as deep as the pacific ocean by astrolesbian [5k, complete]
Summary: It’s not that Patroclus somehow has not noticed that his new favorite coffee shop seemed to only hire possible models, but, well. There’s a thin line between noticing and admiring a person’s looks and being creepy about it.

Not Homer’s Iliad by kaufmanl [143k+, complete]
Summary: Or, in which Patroclus pines after Achilles, Achilles pines after Patroclus, Briseis plays matchmaker, Odysseus has bad ideas, Diomedes has worse ones, Agamemnon sucks, Menelaus can’t hold down a girlfriend, and the entire school goes to war.